Promotional Gifts and Clothing

Service Overview 

Promotional clothing and gifts is imprinted with a company’s name, logo or message. These items can be incorporated in marketing and communication campaigns. They are used to endorse a product, service or company agenda.

Most startups and small businesses don’t know how to brand themselves affectively. Often they will stick a random logo on t-shirts and business cards and consider themselves a brand. Branding is so much more than that, it is about the feeling people have when they come across your business. It is about creating a meaningful connection with your visitors. Your potential clients will form an opinion about your brand within the first few seconds of interacting with it and you. They are judging your businesses logo, your designs and your content. The outcome will determine if they trust your business, or not. We believe there are key aspects to branding a company successfully. One of these key aspects of building a brand is consistency.
 Colours and fonts must be complementary and flow with one another. You must think about who you are targeting and create designs based on what relates best to those colours. Don’t make the mistake of only trying to look cool because as the old saying goes “a pictures tells a thousand words” so keep this in mind with your logo and product photos. Marketing and advertising doesn’t just involve online strategies. Word of mouth and the use of promotional gifts and clothing play as big a role in getting your brand out there for people to take notice of. Let us help you create eye catching gifts and clothing for people to indulge in.

We help companies with all their promotional gifts and clothing needs which includes but is not limited to the following products:

  • Signage (Car decal and shades, banners) Packaging & Labels
  • Stickers
  • Notebooks and pens
  • Mugs, glasses and water bottles
  • All apparel (Shirts, caps, bags, sweatshirts, jackets etc.)